March 8, 2021

Cheapest Alarm System

By ud-admin

Empowering your Security

Smart Alarm

Is your property as secure as you would like it to be?

Why do I need a smart security system at all?

Will it cost a lot of money?

We are sailing through challenging and uncertain times, with many unknowns twists and turns…

The crime rates rising in the UK, security and safety are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. but as they say, hope is not a strategy. Our in house security consultant at Utility Deals are here to offer you Free security assessment of your property, offer you free impartial advice regarding your security concerns, source you the cheapest and best available deal on smart alarm systems.

To help you understand better, please look at these statistics:

  • Every 106 seconds, a Burglary happens
  • 296,000+ Burglary happened within 12 months
  • 63% Burglaries happen without a Security system
  • 58% Burglars break in when someone’s in the home
  • 26% use Force or Violence
  • 3.1% Lead to Conviction


1. Deters crime- A smart alarm system deters intruders, prevent break-ins and give you the peace of mind knowing you, your family and your business premises are protected.

2. Protects your family and valuables- A smart security system has a 24/7 alarm monitoring alarm that can scare off many would-be burglars and can notify Police, if someone attempts to break-in to your property. Saving Lives.

3. Hosted & managed access control: Cloud-based Hosted and Managed Access Control to clients who want access control for their home or business without the costly infrastructure and IT knowledge.

4. Monitored fire, flood and carbon monoxide detection: The latest smoke detectors linked with alarm system that’s monitored 24×7 & in case of fire, the alarm receiving center can notify the Fire brigade.

5. Remote access: Access your security or video surveillance systems remotely using any web-enabled device. Get real-time alerts, video clips and more right from your mobile phone, from anywhere in the world.

6. Saving You Money on insurance premiums: Having a monitored alarm system in your property can lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%.

7. For peace of mind: You can relax whilst our monitoring alarm receiving centre – security experts look after the security of your premises 24×7, so you can focus on what’s important for you.

8. Monitored / Non-monitored system: Utility Deals has partnership with 3 different Alarm companies, so whatever your requirements, we would customize a package according to your exact requirements & provide you with the best available deals!

9. Reduce Shrinkage: Did you know that one of the highest losses suffered in businesses today is shrinkage due to employee theft? Preventative measures with smart security system and restricted access to certain areas of the building are proven to reduce shrinkage and provide you with higher profits.

10. Asset/Inventory Management: Confidence that you can easily manage your assets by decreasing damage or theft allows you to focus on running the normal operations of your business.

11. Financially savvy: Our Alarm system are cheaper & affordable then you could think !

12. Customizable alerts, schedules and automations

13. Convenience and User friendly.

How do I get the best & cheapest security system for me?

The best security / alarm system for your home or business will depend on:

  • The specific needs of your property
  • Your budget
  • Number of devices that you may require
  • Monitored / non- monitored
  • Device type
  • And many other factors, but you don’t need to worry as our security consultant would offer you free advise based on your requirements.

To get the best available deal, simply provide us- few details about yourself, including your name and contact number. A member of the Utility Deals team will then get in touch with you to discuss the perfect tailor-made best security system for your home/business.

Why Utility Deals?

At Utility Deals, our goal is to help you regain confidence in your business’s / family’s safety. You focus on what matters most to you – your family / your business and let our security experts look after the security and safety of your premises. That’s why thousands of customers in the UK trust Utility Deals with the safety of their properties.

We have teamed up with the best Smart Alarm companies in UK that are leaders in the industry.

  • Over 5 suppliers and deals compared in minutes
  • Best Smart Alarm System in the industry
  • Our in house security experts offer you Free Impartial advice
  • Dedicated accounts manager ready to help and support you (face to face meetings/ Zoom meeting)
  • We research on best alarm system deals for you & customize a smart security solution that matches your budget, so that you can focus on your business/personal life and we focus on your savings
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring
  • 4.7/5 on Trust pilot.
  • GDPR compliant
  • UK based staff
  • Prices from £399 for Alarm system, inclusive of Alarm system and professional installation!!

We shall be happy to schedule a Free Live Demo or a Zoom call based on your convenience.

For cheapest and Best deals on Smart Alarm systems, call our Security experts now on 03301 247 333, 7 days a week. Your 1 call to us could save you Time, money and Fuss.

 OR simply email us at for a quick assessment and our security experts will inform you about the best & cheapest available deal on Smart Alarm system!!!*

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