February 25, 2021

Cleanwatts delivers real energy decarbonization

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Vowing to simplify, amplify and accelerate the energy transition, this new cleantech company brings to business and local communities around the world the benefits of smart energy efficiency services and access to affordable clean energy

Portugal, 24, February 2021 – 2021 brings many new and exciting prospects, and Cleanwatts is one of them. Emerging from the tech company Virtual Power Solutions (VPS), Cleanwatts combines the power of digital and industrial technology with deep domain expertise in clean energy systems, advanced analytics, and renewables project financing to help clients reap the benefits of the global energy transition through energy efficiency services and access to affordable clean energy.

Cleanwatts Logo

Cleanwatts Logo

Building on the company’s successful track record of delivering energy efficiency services through a proprietary suite of advanced energy management platforms, Cleanwatts is now entering the realm of affordable clean energy by originating and managing zero capex Renewable Energy Communities, where clean energy is offered as a service to local participants – requesting no investment from them regarding the required infrastructures and technologies. Cleanwatts drives an inclusive agenda, inviting local communities to rise to the global energy challenge by purchasing low cost and locally sourced clean energy from small-scale PV solar plants (1-5MW) and complementary storage capacity. In short, Cleanwatts brings together smart technology, human expertise, and financial capital to deliver zero capex Renewable Energy Communities, where clean energy is offered as a service to households and enterprises in local ecosystems such as business parks, industrial parks, transport hubs and shopping districts.

A world in transition
In recent years, efforts to address the energy transition have been primarily focused on the deployment of large-scale clean energy infrastructure. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), energy efficiency and renewable energy, along with electrification, can deliver up to 90% of the energy-related emission cuts required under the Paris Agreement [1]. Cleanwatts is committed to this vision and firmly believes that to address energy decarbonization at the scale and level required, local communities must also be engaged and empowered to act.

“When it comes to climate change, it is actually quite simple. Every decision, every investment, and every effort…it all matters, and we need everyone to be involved. The call to action is clear and timelines are short” says Michael Pinto, Co-Founder and CEO of Cleanwatts. “We have the skills and capability to increase access to affordable clean energy as a natural extension of our core expertise in energy management. Energy markets and legislative frameworks are evolving quickly. Conditions are now favorable for combining and deploying distributed energy assets, financial capital, digital technologies and human capabilities intelligently and efficiently for the benefit of companies and communities in many countries around the world.”

A strong team, advanced technology, and a bright future
Led by a seasoned international management team with a robust background in energy systems, software, clean tech, financial services, and industrial manufacturing at its core, Cleanwatts harnesses the exceptional capabilities of Virtual Power Solutions (VPS), a subsidiary responsible for developing the company’s suite of advanced energy management software platforms: Kisense® (energy management for commercial and industrial enterprises designed to monitor, manage, control and optimize in real time energy generation, storage and asset-level consumption); Kiplo® (energy management platform designed to provide aggregation capabilities, grid-level balancing services and peer-to-peer trading within energy communities); and Cloogy® (energy management for residential use, allowing households to monitor, manage, control and optimize in real time their energy generation, storage and consumption patterns). Today, Cleanwatts Group serves over 2,000 client locations, including 12 international airports and several energy communities representing over 2TWh of energy equivalent to the annual consumption of over 750,000 homes.

Cleanwatts Group employs a talented team of 50 experts and increasing, with solid experience solving energy-related challenges for clients across Portugal, Europe and Brazil. Cleanwatts is managing a pipeline of over 20 Renewable Energy Communities that are expected to start operating over the next 18 months. Through VPS, the company is also a leading partner of FleXunity, a consortium funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program, aiming to create energy communities across Europe and connecting these to innovative grid-level flexibility services. “FleXunity introduces flexibility as an asset and, through Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Blockchain technology in Virtual Power Plant platforms like Kiplo®, new services will be developed and validated to benefit consumers, prosumers, aggregators, and grid operators.” says Luísa Matos, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Cleanwatts.

Encouraged by a series of wins in 2020, despite the pandemic, Cleanwatts is now focused on international growth across Europe and the Americas. In clear recognition of their value, Cleanwatts was recently selected by Fidelidade, Portuguese insurance market leader, to support them with an innovative energy strategy for their new project in the center of Lisbon, namely a 205,000 sqm Gross Floor Area office, residential and retail complex. “Fidelidade is deeply committed to meeting its sustainability and decarbonization goals and as such has chosen to partner with Cleanwatts for this important project.” says the Project manager of Fidelidade.

[1] Source: The Post-COVID Recovery

About Cleanwatts
Cleanwatts was founded in 2020 with a mission statement of simplifying, amplifying and accelerating energy decarbonization for companies and communities around the world. Cleanwatts is capitalising on advanced energy management software platforms and human capital of Virtual Power Solutions S.A. which is now a subsidiary. To learn more about us please visit our LinkedIn and website:


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