November 12, 2020

Compare Electric Deals

By ud-admin

“Alexa, why are my energy bills so high?”

Energy Deals

We’ve all had that fear. You come home to find the white envelope from your energy provider lying on your doormat, and put off opening it for as long as you can out of sheer dread at what you’ve been charged. The pandemic has forced us to truly reevaluate our spending habits and the tools that we use to save our money. Paying bills is about as much fun as getting a splinter or banging your toe on the corner of the coffee table, but there are things you can do to ease the pain a little. Check out some simple ways you can save on your energy bill (we’re particularly fond of the last one).

How can you Change this?


Even though each business finds a way to lessen the general costs, occasional it considers changing power gracefully suppliers for getting modest vitality bargains. Indeed, you heard it right!! Energy providers love punishing people for their loyalty and will rip you off more and more the longer you stay on a variable tariff.

Compare gas and electric companies with Utility Deals to get best and cheapest energy deals in UK and we can start your switch in the time it takes to make cuppa!


Both retail and commercial customers should compare electric deals and switch to a new energy supplier in the following circumstances:

Prices are about to rise- When you come to know about the price rise of fixed or variable electricity tariff, start your legwork from that moment only. It is always beneficial to compare electric deals of less-known suppliers and stick to fixed-rate deals for the next one year.

Winter is Approaching- The electricity bill rises exorbitantly as soon as winter approaches. We use extensive light to brighten and heat our homes and commercial buildings. So, make significant savings by switching to a better deal before it gets darker and colder outside.

Your Current Energy Deal Expiring Soon- If your current energy deal is expiring in the coming 1-2 months, start comparing electric deals of other suppliers and choose the one, which would you offer the maximum price advantage.

Our customer saves £1000* on their energy bills simply by switching through us.

At Utility Deals, we offer a Free Bills health check up on your gas and electric bills and help our consumers claim back VAT and give impartial advice.

What to look while comparing Electric Deals of other suppliers

-Tariff Comparison Rate (TRC) – Always look for the Tariff Comparison Rate (TRC) of all the suppliers when comparing. It displays a range of gas and electric tariffs & eases the task of comparing.

-Exit Fees – If you want to leave a fixed -term tariff before the end of the contract, it is likely that you will be required to pay an exit fee. Exit fees could be in Thousands of Pounds for businesses, so talk to our expert for an impartial advice before making a move to avoid any inconvenience

How can it be done?

– Collect quotes from all the suppliers available and compare.

– Appoint a genuine and UK registered Energy Consultant who provides free of cost service to source the deal out for you, should assist you with the switch over process, provide you with dedicated account management service and provides aftercare service.

If you need a Free No Obligation Bill checking service, please talk to our experts. Our team uses state of the art software system to compare the cheapest and best deals on Gas and Electric for your business and home.

Try Utility Deals and Save £1000s !!

OK, so we’re a little bit biased, but we reckon this one is the best. Utility Deals is a leading independent Energy Consultants with over 40 years of combined experience in the Utility industry and have over 70 suppliers in the UK. We provide face-to-face meeting with our clients, Comparing Gas and Electric deals, sourcing cheapest and best energy deals, helping our customers to switch over with no hassle and provide them an excellent customer service. Our customer saves £1000* on their energy bills simply by switching through us. That’s huge!!

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