November 12, 2020

Compare Electric Deals

By ud-admin

How Britons can beat rising energy prices and save £1000s amidst pandemic?

Electric Deals

The world of finance — both personal and professional — has reached a new level of unprecedented complication as the Covid 19 pandemic challenges what we used to know about money management. Moreover, according to a recent survey, a third of Brits have less than £600 in savings. Sky-high energy bills will only continue to add pressure to Britons’ already stretched budgets.

How can you Change this?

Britons are paying among the highest energy rates in the world, putting pressure on the businesses and household budgets particularly for older Britons. Well!! Getting to the bottom of an unusually high electric bill may seem tricky, but in reality, it may not be as challenging as we believe. Here are some tips:


In this current economic climate, it is a tough time to run business cost-effectively particularly

when an entrepreneur needs to pay operational costs every month.

Our free online comparison service is putting the power back into their hands. It empowers Britons to compare name, brand, cheap electricity providers over the UK all in one place to help them save time and money.

  • Value of energy deals often erodes over time as benefit periods end and your prices go up.
  • Retailer bait and switch tactics, where large discounts lure you in and then retailers increase underlying prices without warning many providers, have been caught out doing this in the past.

With many businesses temporarily closed or offering limited services, now is the optimal time to trim your expenses and get rid of those recurring costs. Compare gas and electric companies with Utility Deals and we can start your switch for better and cheaper energy deal in the time it takes to make a cup of Coffee. Voila!


Below listed are the circumstances under which comparing electric deals becomes important:

Prices are on the verge of rise – As soon as you come to know about any rise in fixed or variable electricity tariff, start your legwork straight away. This will help you securing the best and cheap gas and electric deal.

When winter is coming – Space heating is responsible for two thirds of energy use and half of energy bills at the workplaces and UK homes in winters. Keeping a typical space warm in winter can easily cost £600, around half of the yearly bill. So, make significant savings by switching to a better deal before it gets darker, colder and heavier on your pockets.

At Utility Deals, we aim  to take the hassle out of switching electricity and gas for the businesses and household across the UK.

Your Energy deal is expiring soon– If a consumer changes supplier in between 1-5 years, the penalty is supposed to be paid. If your existing energy deal is expiring in coming 12 months, its already time to start comparing for cheapest and best gas and electric deals. Our customer saves £1000* on their energy bills simply by switching through us.

At Utility Deals, we offer a Free Bills health check up on your gas and electric bills and help our consumers claim back VAT and give impartial advice. That sounds good, isn’t it!!

What to look while comparing Electric Deals of other suppliers

Tariff Comparison Rate (TRC) – Always look for the Tariff Comparison Rate (TRC) of all the suppliers when comparing. It displays a range of gas and electric tariffs in price order that each elergy supplier offers. It varies from supplier to supplier, though it doesn’t give a concrete idea but eases the task of comparing.

Exit Fees – If you want to leave a fixed -term tariff before the end of the contract, it is likely that you will be required to pay an exit fee. Exit fees could be in Thousands of Pounds for businesses, so talk to our expert for an impartial advice before making a move to avoid any inconvenience.

How can it be done?
  • Firstly collect quotes from all the suppliers available and compare.
  • You might appoint a genuine and UK registered Energy Consultant who provides free of cost service to source the deal out for you, should assist you with the switch over process, provide you with dedicated account management service and provides aftercare service.

If you need a Free No Obligation Bill checking service, please talk to our experts. Our team uses state of the art software system to compare the cheapest and best deals on Gas and Electric for your business and home.

Why Utility Deals?

Utility Deals is a leading independent Energy Consultants with over 40 years of combined experience in the Utility industry and have over 70 suppliers in the UK. We strongly believe that our customers should not have to worry about Utility bills whilst they are focusing on their business or personal life. Our customer saves £1000* on their energy bills simply by switching through us. That’s awesome, right!!!

Our inhouse experts will customize a quote based on your requirements, offering you the cheapest and best by comparing the market and offer you £100 cashback when you join us. We score 4.8 out of 5 on Trust Pilot.

To save Time, Money and Fuss, please contact our experts on 03301 247 333 7 days a week.

Join us before 30th November and receive £100 cashback!

Similarly you can compare and save money on Water, Broadband , Sim ,TV package, Chip and Pin, Alarm systems an many more with utility Deals.