October 8, 2020

Compare Electric Deals

By ud-admin

Not sure how to get the Best and Cheapest Electric Deal in UK?

Has it ever occurred to you whether you could cut your electricity bills and save hundreds of pounds?   That you might be paying a large amount of your money as electric bills which you could have otherwise saved if had chosen a right deal or a cheaper tariff ? While we completely agree its easier said than done unless with Utility Deals at your service!! Looking around for a cheaper electricity deal in UK is made much simple here than you may think and it all begins with a quick price comparison. That sounds easier, right!!

We compare Cheap Electricity Deals by using our inhouse comparison site, sourcing the cheapest deals on your electric bills, saving you time and money everytime. We help you switch over to the best and cheapest deals year after year, so you can focus on what matters you most! You don’t need to worry about searching for best and cheapest electric deals as our team would do that task for you year after year.

You may need to check out the circumstances under which comparing electric deals becomes important:

When winter is about to set in – Well this one’s a no brainer. Winters always witnesses hike in the electricity bills since extensive use of lights to brighten & heating up commercial buildings and homes increase. It is advisable to make the switch to better and cheaper electric deals before it gets darker and colder.

Prices are on the verge of rise – It always works this way that once a supplier rises the bar, the rest follow it sooner or later. We suggest as soon as you come to know about any rise in fixed or variable electricity tariff, start comparing electric deals in your area away. This will help you securing the deal. No Time – No problem, call Utility Deals and let our experts deal with the rest. Your 1 phone to Utility Deals will save you Hundreds of Pounds on your Electric Bills. What could be more relieving!!

Your Energy deal is expiring soon– If a consumer changes supplier in between 1-5 years , the penalty is supposed to be paid. If your existing energy deal is expiring in coming 12 months, its already time to start comparing electric deals.

At Utility Deals, we offer a Free Bills health check up and help our consumers claim back VAT and give impartial advice. That sounds good, isn’t it!!

What to look while comparing Electric Deals of other suppliers

Tariff Comparison Rate (TRC) – Always look for the Tariff Comparison Rate (TRC) of all the cheap and best electric suppliers in UK when comparing. It displays the cost per unit of energy that each electricity tariff offers. It varies from supplier to supplier, though it doesn’t give a concrete idea but eases the task of comparing.

Exit Fees – If you want to leave a fixed -term tariff before the end of the contract, it is likely that you will be required to pay an exit fee. While comparing for cheap electric deals, do pay special attention to the fee component so that it doesn’t exceed your annual saving. The amount of exit fees varies from one supplier to another. For example, suppose you are making an annual saving of say £ 40 but need to pay an exit fee of £30, then it is a wise idea to wait till the end of the term before switching.

How can it be done?

  • Firstly collect quotes from all the electric suppliers available and compare.
  • You might appoint a genuine Energy Consultant who provides free of cost service to source the deal out for you, should assist you with the switch over process, provide you with dedicated account management service and provides aftercare service. If you need a Free No Obligation Bill checking service, please talk to our experts.

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