August 17, 2020

Switch Electricity Retailers

By ud-admin

Wait!!! Before you switch your Electric contract, please read below:-

Switch Electricity Retailer

For one, the value of energy deals often erodes over time as benefit periods end and your prices go up.

Then there’s the matter of retailer bait and switch tactics, where large discounts lure you in and then retailers increase underlying prices without warning many providers, have been caught out doing this in the past.

While energy prices have been changing in recent years and are expected to drop or increase, keeping the lights on and the gas flowing will remain an expensive prospect for most households for the foreseeable future.

Whatever the case, your energy bill is something you really want to pay attention to – unless you enjoy paying more than you have to.

Now you would be thinking, how to find a better electricity plan.

1. Find out what plan you’re on now

Have a look at a past bill and check the daily supply charges and general usage rates. And don’t be surprised if you find it all confusing – electricity bills are notoriously hard to understand and compare!

You’ll either be on:

a single flat general usage rate at all times

a multi-flat or block general usage rate, which includes stepped pricing that varies with the amount you use

flexible or time-of-usage rate where prices vary based on the time of use

If you’re on a general usage or time-of-usage rate, you may also have a ‘controlled load’ rate linked to a specific appliance (such as a hot water system) that only works at off-peak times.

You’ll be charged in one of these ways, depending on what type of meter you have:

If you have a smart meter: You can be on a flat tariff, block tariff, or a time-of-use (or flexible) tariff

If you have an accumulation meter: You’ll be on a flat or block tariff.

Retailers also apply a daily supply charge, irrespective of your level of energy use, and there may also be a discount applied to the bill. Solar owners should also have a feed-in tariff for the energy they export to the grid.

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