August 17, 2020

Business Energy Advice

By ud-admin

Business Energy Help / Advice during this crisis

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Whilst the coronavirus is ongoing no energy supplier will be sending meter readers to read your meter as these services have been suspended nationally. This allows them to focus on their key priorities and provide support to their most vulnerable customers and deal with emergency call-outs.

To make sure they’re billing you correctly, you should submit your meter readings online, if it’s safe to do so and they’ll use them in your next bill, this means you only pay for the energy you use and your bill won’t be estimated.

You can do this by logging in or registering for an online account and we will even send you a helpful reminder at the time the meter reading is due.

Only pay for the energy you use.

Give your supplier an up to date meter reading, if it’s safe to do so and they’ll only bill you for the energy you’ve used.

If your supplier doesn’t have an up to date meter reading and you don’t have a smart meter, your bills will be estimated and you may be paying more than you need.

If you have a smart meter check that your consumption shows your usage. If you have an estimated reading on your bill you may be paying more than you need. The best way to avoid this is to give your supplier a meter reading online until they are able to fix your smart meter.

What if I’m worried about paying my bills during this crisis?

Don’t worry they’re here to help. You can make payments online and can view your account online, make a payment or set up a Direct Debit for your business. If you’re not registered for an online account contact your supplier as soon as you can to make them aware you may be struggling.

If you need more time to pay, or your circumstances have changed, they may be able to support you. Please visit your supplier’s website for further details they’re there to help.

If you have any queries on your business energy bills please feel free to contact us – Utility-Deals Ltd:

03301 247 333 or visit