August 6, 2020

DataDrill Shifts to VNO Model for Greater Service Flexibility

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Allows for most cost-effective customer solutions in COVID-19 aftermath

LAKE GENEVA, WI, August 6, 2020 – Isotropic, the trusted provider of global internet services offering unrivaled certainty, today announced that it is partnering with DataDrill, a company based in Calgary, Canada with more than 20 years of experience offering custom IT and communications solutions, to provide virtual network operator (VNO) services. As a VNO with Isotropic, DataDrill will be able to offer greater flexibility in capacity pricing and service options for its customers in Canada, the United States, and Mexico without the limitations and costs associated with developing and operating its own teleport and the supporting infrastructure.

Isotropic Networks Teleport, Lake Geneva

Isotropic Networks Teleport, Lake Geneva

“As a VNO, we can now easily shrink and grow our space segment to meet customer demand as needed,” says Dario Facca, President of DataDrill. “This is a much more compelling financial model for us, especially as COVID-19 continues to make markets unpredictable. We’re excited to partner with Isotropic, because with them we know we can expect the same exceptional customer support we provide for our own customers.”

DataDrill decided to shift to a VNO model to better serve oil and gas, mining, government, eco-tourism, and other commercial clients facing financial strain from COVID-19, as well as a growing customer base in the United States. With Isotropic’s VNO services, DataDrill can quickly expand its geographical network reach to serve more customers without significant infrastructure investment. DataDrill chose Isotropic as its VNO partner for its teleport location in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, its exceptional customer and technical support, and its ability to scale and grow to meet DataDrill’s specific needs.

“When shifting to the VNO model, you want to choose a service provider partner you can trust,” says Hank Zbierski, Chief Catalyst and Co-Founder of Isotropic. “Our VNO customers, like DataDrill, understand that becoming a VNO with Isotropic doesn’t mean giving up control of part of your business, it simply means adding a few more members to your team.”

With more than 15 years of experience supporting VNOs big and small, Isotropic offers a flexible service offering that allows companies to take greater control over their business operations. With Isotropic’s VNO services, companies can manage their own capacity, operate without restrictive contracts, receive personalized training, and control the flow of traffic by application with Datadragon, Isotropic’s intuitive bandwidth management platform.

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Isotropic Networks, Inc. (Isotropic) is a global provider of satellite Internet services and network management solutions. With the best uptime in the satellite industry, we deliver unrivaled certainty for leaders in high-risk, high-pressure industries including Oil and Gas, Maritime, and Enterprise Solutions.

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DataDrill Communications Inc. (“DataDrill”) offers best-in-class robust digital communications technologies for Businesses with Core Remote Operations that require communication for Safety and Efficiency. DataDrill has provided services for industries such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Adventure tourism, Government, and more. All customized solutions are backed by 24/7/365 Support teams which instill confidence for businesses by providing uninterrupted connectivity during critical remote operations, where downtime is unacceptable.

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